Club Gdetotam

The club “Gdetotam” was founded in 1995.

The second name of the club is “School of travels”. At the beginning of the theatrical season children aged 4-11 start their travel – each year – new place. Youngest children get to know the theatre, its inhabitants, performances, fairytales… Then, the sphere of travels becomes wider. Children travel around different countries, get to know fairytales of nations. Then, in a year, they get to know stellar sky, myths of constellations and the planets. Each year a new part of our world opens to them. At the same time children get to know the past and the present of the humanity, ancient and contemporary conceptions of people about the nature, inhabitants of the world and the Universe… Getting to know the world they get to know theirselves.

There are some groups of children in the club (7-9 children in each group). Children play, draw, think fairytales and stories, make small performances, learn to express theirselves and listen to other people. New information makes children familiar with theirselves through a game, and they don’t have to remember it as at school.

The main aim of the club – is to keep natural necessity of each child in fantasy formation, in getting to know the world using imagination.