“The Puppet Booth Show. “Don Juan in Venice”

“The Puppet Booth Show. “Don Juan in Venice”

Puppet burlesques with songs and dances

For the adult audience.

Performance time -

The performance was put on the stage according to a tradition of the West European puppets’ booth. Famous masks of the “commedia dell'arte” – Harlequin, Pierrot, Colombina… - play in the booth show the world-known story about Don Juan. Puppets play it in their own way - as they see it. There is not a place for a tragedy and philosophism in their performance. They look at everything from “a height” of their booth show. And the booth show is a mix of incredible and crazy combination of all genres. That’s why a cancan is close to an opera, circus clowning is close to a magic of a fairy lamp, and a grand romanticism – to an infernal immersion.

A little stage of a puppet booth. Puppet artists. Puppet passions… The performance is impossible without a showman, who is invisible for his puppets.