TOLK (Theatrical (Secret) Society of Puppets’ Lovers)

TOLK (Theatrical (Secret) Society of Puppets’ Lovers)

TOLK is a family club. It was founded in 1985.

First there were a few adults: 10 classes from different schools of the city and 10 their teachers who believed that “the fairytale helps to children and their parents to understand each other better”.

Then, a number of adults became higher then children. Slogan “The whole family - to the theatre!” became a reality.

For these years thanks to TOLK more then 20 000 families enjoyed the art of the puppet theatre.

TOLK-members watch performances and also takes part in different theatrical occasions, invent tales and stories, draw and sew puppets – for “game in theatre” and as presents for children in hospitals and orphan homes…

The club has a nice tradition of fancy-dress balls during New Year holidays. For these balls not only children create different costumes but their parents as well.

There is a theatrical tree of wonders on the second floor of the theatre. Every year this tree is occupied by new fairytale inhabitants.

The club is still a friend and a helper of the theatre, its specific laboratory. Thanks to the club the theatre gets to know how children understand and accept things which the theatre offers.